Environmental Sustainability

***Herbicide use in Kingston Ocean Grove***

In line with growing global concern in regards to the herbicide Glysophate (RoundUp) and in the interest of residents, staff and the environment, the developers of Kingston Ocean Grove have taken steps to reduce the use of these herbicides within our development.

We have now ceased use of all Glysophate based products for weed management control in all existing stages of the development including areas under construction.

All previously used glysophate based herbicides will now be replaced with an organic herbicide.
Contact Organics LocalSafe will be used in public amenities, parks, playgrounds and verges under the control of Kingston Ocean Grove.

Kingston Ocean Grove will continue to review the public area maintenance practices throughout the development in an effort to reduce all chemical use.
Changes have been implemented to farming practices in the surrounding farmland under the control of Kingston Ocean Grove and adjacent to all residential areas.

These changes have reduced the use and application of all chemicals and will no longer incorporate the use of any Glysophate based products within 200m of any residential areas.

We hope these small changes create bigger changes and pave the way for a healthier, safer environment.

For further information: https://www.contactorganics.com.au/faqs/